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Shui Jing Fang - Diageo


Recipe Design

The Challenge:
A luxury baijiu brand was facing slowing sales due to the Chinese government’s austerity measures.

The brand asked Whet Works to create a special menu to raise awareness of their product and can be served at promotional dinners across China.

Our Solution:

In order to best highlight the fragrance of the baijiu, we subtly used the spirit in every recipe. The fusion of Eastern and Western flavours gave the dishes a European flair while still appealing to a broadly Chinese audience.

As the dishes had to be recreated by different kitchen teams from around the country, we also created detailed step by step instructional cooking videos, as well as shot photos of each dish to show chefs how to plate them.

We also took into account the regional variance of ingredient availability when developing the recipes, using only widely available products and giving alternative ingredient suggestions for those that may be hard to obtain.

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