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Restaurant Re-vamp

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Recipe Design, Restaurant Consulting

The Challenge:

The establishment was a restaurant and bar specialising in American comfort food but was suffering from negative reviews as a result of poor service, un-engaging food, and general disinterest from the public after being open for several years.

Whet Works was asked to create a brand new concept for the restaurant that would revitalise the business and connect with the young and worldly crowd who frequent this area.

Our Solution:

The restaurant itself was well positioned for a hip young party crowd who would be seeking exciting dinner offerings and late-night snacks.

Throwing out the staid American comfort food concept, we came up with an Asian-tapas menu full of East meets West flavours focusing on easy to eat dishes that weren’t heavy.

As the restaurant is attached to a club, the owners were looking for food that would be accessible to patrons either eating before their night at the club or on their way out before heading home. This was achieved by designing a range of skewers, a homage to Chinese street food, as well as dishes that were meant to be eating with chop sticks.

In addition, we hired a trusted and talented chef to oversee the kitchen staff and train them up to a high level.

For the relaunch, we worked in concert with local designers who took charge of the interior design and branding art direction to round off the restaurant’s new direction and unveiled the revamped restaurant to critical acclaim.

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